Science Friday: The Time Is Now for Food Beyond Meat
In a recent Q&A with Science Friday Stanford professor Joseph D. Puglisi walked readers through the process of creating a vegan alternative to beef that matches meat’s taste and texture. 

Dr. Puglisi is a professor of structural biology and a scientific advisor for Beyond Meat, the company that debuted the plant-based Beyond Burger on Whole Foods shelves in Boulder, Colorado, this past May.

In case you didn’t hear, the whole Beyond Burger stock in Boulder sold out in just one hour. I imagine it was a killer community cookout. 

Dr. Puglisi also shared some insight into why now is the prime time for these products to hit the shelves (and then promptly sell out):

A lot of the reason I believe this is a great moment for this type of approach, the reason there is Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, is not only because the consumers are ready for it, and there’s a need for this—in terms of decreasing meat consumption and meat animal husbandry for environmental and societal reasons—but the science is ready for it. At this moment, there are more enabling technologies, more knowledge surrounding the microstructures of food, and a deeper understanding of the interplay of food and health than there has been at any time in the past. 

With all of this in mind, it’s not surprising that such a huge wave of plant-based food innovation is upon us—the foundation is strong, and the results might change the way we eat forever. 

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