Purple Carrot Snags “Most Eco-Friendly” on Buzzfeed
Oh, Buzzfeed. 

To pay us back for all the nights you’ve kept us up late clicking through quizzes, you’ve finally delivered some information to help us sleep better at night.

In a recent post pitting popular meal delivery services head-to-head, The Purple Carrot was crowned “Most Eco-Friendly.” While Buzzfeed staffer Alison Roman bestowed the title on The Purple Carrot for its minimal-waste packaging, the ecobenefits are much broader reaching. 

It’s true that excess packaging contributes to the massive problem of waste creation in the world, with the majority of this waste pooling in landfills or oceans. But The Purple Carrot’s all-vegan meals address the root of the problem, not just the problem of packaging. 

The resources wasted to produce meat, dairy, and eggs make animal agriculture the top contributor to species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction. Yeah—wow. 

With that in mind, eating The Purple Carrot’s vegan culinary creations does far more than spare extra plastic from a landfill. It cuts out resource waste at every level while delivering plant-based nutrition to cooks nationwide. 

The omnivorous Roman added that “even though they were vegan, these dishes were some of the best things I cooked” and recommended the meal delivery service for “anyone (omnivores and vegans alike) looking to eat a little healthier and expand their horizons.” 

Cheers to protecting the ecosystem, one delicious plant-based meal at a time. 

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