The Best Reddit Comments From GFI's Debut
Reddit is a haven for tech-oriented progressives, but when The Good Food Institute’s coverage in Quartz made Reddit’s front page today, our team was surprised and impressed by the caliber of the conversation surrounding clean meat.

i.e.–the trolls were quieter than usual. 

Here are a few of our favorite responses from GFI’s moment in the hot Reddit sun:

On Traditional Animal Agriculture

[–]areyoudrumpfagain 191 points 7 hours ago 

Why is it in the interest of the Meat industry to continue with doing things the way they've been doing it when they could just as easily invest and switch to lab grown meat? Surely lab grown meat, when scaled, will be more cost effective. You don't need to pay farmers to herd the cows, people to slaughter the cows, transport the meat across the whole country, deal with waste, lower risk of contamination, etc, etc.

[–]pokeymonz 17 points 7 hours ago 

One would think the meat industry would embrace this technology. Larger profit margins to be made once the factory process is cheap enough...if anyone has the funds to make this happen quickly, its the meat industry. They'd quickly go from bad guy to good guy.

On Vegetarian/Vegan Response

[–]lnfinity 34 points 5 hours ago* 

Vegans and vegetarians are overwhelmingly in support of cultured meat. You will find many threads on /r/vegan supporting it and pointing out that if these things are produced without harm to or exploitation of animals then they will be entirely vegan.

[–]poorbrenton 4 points 3 hours ago 

As a vegan, I wouldn't eat lab grown meat. However I would support its development as a environmentally sound alternative for meat-eaters.

On the Future

[–]recalcitrantJester [score hidden] 3 hours ago 

As a seasoned Redditor, I can assure you that once Google and Elon Musk set their sights on this avenue, we'll be eating free synthetic beef the next day.

(And Also This Future)

[–]therewasguy 2 points 7 hours ago 

how about some mammoth meat with some pterodactyl wings

Thanks for the memories, Reddit. We’re looking forward to more convention-shattering conversations.

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