One Green Planet Spotlights The Good Food Institute
Since the launch of The Good Food Institute, we have seen tremendous growth in good food companies—businesses that disrupt animal agriculture by introducing delicious, affordable, and convenient plant-based and "clean" (i.e., cultured) alternatives to conventional animal products. An excellent feature by One Green Planet, the largest independent media platform focused on food sustainability, spotlights GFI’s trailblazing work, the escalating consumer demand for meat and dairy alternatives, and our dramatically changing food system.

The author, Nil Zacharias, co-founder and editor in chief of One Green Planet, details the food industry’s record-pace progress, highlighting companies such as Memphis Meats, Lighter, The Purple Carrot, Lyrical Foods, and Gelzen that combine ingenuity and cutting-edge food technology to create products that are tastier, healthier, and better for the planet than their conventional counterparts.

The meat alternative market is projected to be worth $5.2 billion by 2020. With clear upward trends, it’s no wonder venture capitalist firms such as Bill Gates’s Gates Ventures, Horizon Ventures, and Google Ventures are targeting companies that develop plant-based and clean foods. Like many other investors, these progressive firms realize that the future of food lies in products that are both profitable and good for us and the planet.

One of the newest investors to join this trend is New Crop Capital. NCC is a $25 million venture capital fund that invests exclusively in plant-based and clean alternatives to animal agriculture. NCC has already advanced its mission to disrupt animal agriculture by helping grow crucial companies that bring innovative products to market, including Memphis Meats with the world’s first clean meatball.

According to Zacharias, “By supporting the rising conscious food economy we can help transform our food system from an inefficient, unjust, and unsustainable one into a catalyst for good. It’s the kind of change we should all embrace with open arms.” As we individually and collectively transform our market into one that is filled with more good foods, there is no telling the limit of good things ahead.

To get started with your own good food company, check out The Good Food Institute and learn how we can help.

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