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Primary GFI Mentor: Allison Berke

Duration: At least 40 work hours.

Start date: Flexible

Purpose: In order to grow the number of scientists researching plant-based and clean meat, eggs, and dairy, we need to systematically reach out to universities, labs, and researchers working in adjacent fields such as crop engineering and stem cell research.

Activities: The intern will use publicly available data on publications, grants, and university rankings to create a ranked database of labs and scientists performing research that could be applicable to plant-based or clean meat. The intern will compile the information in a format that is easily imported into a customer relations management (CRM) system.

Learning Objectives: Charting the undescribed landscape of this emerging field makes this the perfect project for students who want to pursue an academic career in transformative food technologies. In addition to finding potential mentors or programs, the intern will develop a practical understanding of the connections between the diverse disciplines that support this field, which we hope will inform their future research and career choices. Along the way, the intern will develop their skills in constructing databases and using CRMs. 

This internship is an unpaid position.

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