GFI Stands Out in the "DC Barnyard”
In a feature out today, Quartz spotlights The Good Food Institute as a fresh influencer standing in opposition to the well-established “DC Barnyard.”

Journalist Chase Purdy reports that agribusiness spent more than $132 million to get its special interests onto the desks of lawmakers. 

Though GFI’s resources are small in comparison to the leviathan of Big Ag, our work is facing a favorable future:

[I]f food technology growth winds up mirroring other tech sectors—fueled by the growing interest in sustainable, animal friendly products—the so-called “clean food” industry may one day be a power player.

Food tech with sustainability at its core is the only way to feed the 9.7 billion people projected to live on the planet by 2050. Continuing to focus efforts on propping up fundamentally flawed systems cannot produce a sustainable food future. 

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