Bloomberg TV: Beyond Meat Is Beyond Brilliant
Although a variety of surveys has shown that a large percentage of people in the U.S. question the Standard American Diet, there persists a stubborn belief that if you don’t eat meat, you have to subsist on salads. Often, people picture what they currently eat, subtract the meat, and are left with an unappetizing and unsatisfying meal. If they think of a meat “substitute,” they think of a blob of soft white tofu.

Not only does meat play a central role in our culture today, our human ancestors evolved a taste for meat—a complete, concentrated protein with nutrients and lots of calories—in an environment of scarcity.

Moral persuasion is important. We need to educate the public about the harms of conventional meat production. But if we want to replace our current system with good foods that people actually eat, we need to rethink the challenge at a very fundamental level. Specifically, we should reconsider what the “meat” we crave really is.

At the core, there is nothing about what goes into our mouths that is inherent to an animal. “Meat” is simply a combination of amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, and water, with a certain flavor and texture.

In this video from Bloomberg News, Beyond Meat founder and CEO, Ethan Brown, explains the process of rethinking and recreating meat that is efficient, clean, nutritious, humane, and good.

This is a great summary of how we can build a good food future. Please share if you share this vision!

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