Bay Area Biotech Startups Racing to Fill Your Plate With Clean Beef and Plant-Based Seafood
New Wave Foods and Memphis Meats, two ingenious companies making groundbreaking good food a reality, showcased their products at Demo Day, an event sponsored by the innovative Silicon Valley accelerator, IndieBio.

The reviews of New Wave's plant-based shrimp were glowing:

“It actually tasted good,” said Gizmodo journalist Cheryl Eddy.

“It’s actually quite delicious,” said eclectic law attorney Paul Spiegel.

“I thought the shrimp was fantastic,” said Nathan Runkle, president of Mercy For Animals.

According to Dr. Uma Valeti, CEO of Memphis Meats, the company that created the world's first "clean" (i.e., cultured) meatball, “We wanted to first make meat that was delicious, was better for us, and was better for the environment as well as the animals.”

The New Wave Foods team has already garnered a major order from Google for its cafeterias and expects to ship shrimp to supermarkets sometime in 2016.

Memphis Meats plans to bring its meat to market in a few years.

KPIX News saw the bounty of both their works at the Folsom Street Foundry and covered the story. Check out both companies in the video below.

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